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What Is A Peg Loom?

Peg Looms not only provide a good introduction to weaving, but also are a great way to use up remnants of fabric, old clothes, unspun fleece, yarn, twine, etc.  It is even possible to use strips of plastic bags (however make sure that you do not use biodegradable plastic bags otherwise your project will start to disintegrate quickly!).

The peg loom itself is a very basic piece of equipment, easy to make or low cost to buy with nothing to maintain!  This isnít a weaving frame which sometimes is also called a peg loom - it is simply a row of pegs which fit into a timber base.  Each peg has a hole through the bottom through which a warp of string is threaded (your warp thread is the thread that goes from top to bottom which the fabric strips or fleece is woven around).  The distance between the pegs on the peg loom determines the density of the finished fabric.  Pegs which are a long way apart are best when using thicker fabrics or fleece, pegs which are closer together are better for fine work or using threads.

Fabric which has been woven with a peg loom makes great rugs, as it is typically thick and hard wearing.  It can also make great wall hangings, throws, cushion covers and much more. As peg looms are easy to make different sized looms can be created for different projects.