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How To Weave On A Peg Loom

How to Weave using a Peg Loom

 1. To weave using a peg loom, first gather up the materials which you are going to use if you are using pieces of old fabric cut them up into similar sized strips.

2. Tie warp threads through the hole in each peg. The length of the warp thread needs to be at least as long as the required size of your finished project.

3. To start, wind the end of the fabric or fleece a couple of times around the end peg and then start weaving in and out around the pegs, doing a complete turn around the end peg before coming back.

4. When the fabric or fleece is at the top of the pegs, whilst at one end of the peg loom, one by one pull the peg out from the hole and push the woven fabric down the warp threads replacing the empty pegs in the hole. Repeat the process until the work is the required length, keeping the weaving as tight and compact as possible.

5. To end, make a row of knots along the end of the work to stop the weaving from coming undone or unraveling. Finish the weaving as you require make tassels, bind the edges or even sew a few pieces together to make a large rug or bed cover.






  • Use strips of fabrics that are made from similar materials. This will ensure that if you wash or clean the woven fabric they will all react in the same way.
  • If you are using strips of light colored fabrics, consider over dying these to give tones of the same color -way.
  • When using raw fleece, make sure it is cleaned before use. Lengths of fleece can be left to hang loose and give texture to the work.







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