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About Us

About Us

Badgers Woodcrafts is the baby of Gordon Quick and is a division of Cards And Candles For All Occasions.

We began trading with Cards And Candles For All Occasions in April 2010, specialising in handcrafted greetings cards, keepsake cards and candles. Since our business began we have launched a website, have a Folksy webstore, a high online presence and attend several craft fairs and events throughout the year.

Whilst working with Ecosoy natural wax, Gordon began thinking of ways in which his handcrafted candles could be displayed at the events and after a few weeks of sketching and trying out different ideas we had a range of natural candle holders… these are made from naturally fallen wood which is collected when walking our dogs and there are no chemicals used in their preparation, they are sanded and planed to give a suitable base and the candle holder is then drilled according to required size.

Not long after we began using this method of candle display at the events, we started to receive enquiries from customer who were interested in purchasing their own natural candle holders – something unique, rustic and earthy – and so we began stocking a small range of these items.

Whilst we both love our work for Cards And Candles For All Occasions and have a great love of crafting, we were looking for something to do in the evenings to help us to wind down and relax. Not being the sort of family to sit around doing nothing, Laura saw a demonstration of peg looms at an event and was transfixed with how quick and easy they are to use and you can see results very quickly. From this came the suggestion of handcrafting our own peg looms, which we again received a lot of interest in – to the extent we received two orders while our design was still in the prototype stage.

As our range of woodcrafts is expanding, we felt that it was not suitable to stock it alongside our handcrafted greetings cards, keepsake cards and candles as they are an entirely different range and so Badger’s Woodcrafts was born.

Why Badger? That’s simple really, for many years Gordon has had the nickname of ‘Badger’ so it seemed common sense to incorporate this in the name especially when the products being developed are made from woodland materials which is of course, a badger’s natural habitat.